Welcome to Bihar Vidhan Mandal Library

1- (A) This library is for the members of the Bihar Legislative Assembly and Bihar Legislative Council and the Gazetted Officers and permanent employees of both the Houses. For accredited correspondents who are allowed to enter the Press Gallery of Bihar Legislature with the permission of the Secretary, the facilities of the Library can be arranged after the guarantee given by their employers. (B) Former members of the Bihar Legislature can deposit 100.00 (one hundred rupees) in the Accounts Section of Bihar Legislative Assembly and take two books from the library, but no books worth more than one hundred rupees shall be given.

2- Unless any other meaning (out of context) comes out from the subject or topic in this manual (A) "Member" means any member of the Bihar Legislative Council or Bihar Legislative Assembly" (B) "Secretary" means the Secretary of the Bihar Legislative Council or the Bihar Legislative Assembly or persons acting in this regard, (C) Under Secretary, (Library) and Superintendent (Library) and Research Reference means the Under Secretary or Superintendent (Library) and Research Reference appointed for the Bihar Legislature Library or those who work for Research Reference in the absence of Under Secretary. (D) "Books" include books, reports, gazette, magazines or other publications (E) "Reference book" means any book or collection of books which is not eligible to go outside the library in the Secretary's opinion in view of the importance of its subjects


Encyclopedia, Dictionary, Shabdkosh (Year Book), Map (Atlas), Journals, Art and Painting Books and other illustrated books, which are published in several parts or volumes, and general reference books and rare books will be used in the House, on any condition such books will not be issued to take home.

(F) Research Assistant means a Research Assistant appointed for the Bihar Legislature Library, who works for research reference service.

3- Under Secretary (Library), Library Superintendent, Administrative Officer (Library), Research Assistant, Assistant Librarian and Catalogers shall assist the members in obtaining any required information.

4- (a) Member or Gazetted Officer and Permanent Staff, can get a book issued (except for any reference book or reference book of law (law code)), for not more than 15 days, but the Secretary, Joint Secretary or Library Officials can ask to return any book, which has special demand, before the said period. (B) Books can be re-borrowed if other persons using the library have not demanded those books. For this purpose, books shall be required to be physically presented at the counter and re-issue can be done for one week only. (C) No book will be issued from the library to those Members (including Ministers) who have held any book of the Legislature Library for more than 30 days. Three memorial letters at an interval of 15 days will be sent by the library to return the book. On non-return of the book, a semi-official letter with the signature of the Deputy Speaker/ Vice Chairman will be sent to return the book. However, if the book is not returned, then the value of the books will be deducted by the Assembly Secretariat or the Council Secretariat from the respective member's salary and the Finance Department shall deduct from the salary of the ministers. Collected amount will be given to the library to purchase new book.

Item Detail Amount to be collected
Indian book/publication Publication printed in last five years One and a half times the price
Indian book/publication Published more than five years Two times the price
Indian book/publication Out of printing Five times the price
Foreign publications Publication printed in last five years Double the price
Foreign publications Out of printing Five times the price
Indian or foreign publications Value not known 20 paise per page

But, if the actual value of the book/publication exceeds the cost as per the above provision, then the member will be charged the same price of the second book. (D) No member or office bearer of the Legislature shall be able to keep more than three books at one time, two books for the former member of the Bihar Legislature and the recognized press correspondent and one book for the permanent staff. Member of the Legislative Council or Assembly in respect of the work conducted in the meetings of the meeting, the required reference book can be issued on petition, provided that immediately after the meeting essentially on the same day they must be returned in the book library. (E) A demand book for issuing the book (Appendix 1) will remain in the library and to get the book, it has to be signed by the members, Gazetted officials and permanent employees.

5-(1) There will be a suggestion register in the library by which the library officials will draw the attention of the Secretary or Joint Secretary from time to time towards the suggestions given the members. (2) If the books in the possession of the borrowers have been distorted or have been defaced by writing on the sides or on the outline or have been damaged in any way, then the information of all these stages will be shared with the concerned person by the staff related to the issue-dispatch table and the library official will inform it to the Secretary or Joint Secretary on the same day. (3) The value of the book/books [as per Rule 4(c)] shall be charged on the concerned borrower by order of the Secretary after giving proper notice in relation to the book/books which have been returned or have been distorted or lost, in case they are responsible for it.

6- No unknown person will be allowed to enter the Library unless he comes with any Member or Officer of the Legislature.

7- There shall be a Joint Library Committee or Joint Library Sub-Committee or Committees consisting of members of the Bihar Legislative Assembly or Bihar Legislative Council, nominated by the Chairman and the Speaker respectively. This Committee or Sub-Committees will act as an advisory Committee in relation to book selection and general management of the Library.

8- In order to avoid the speed of book purchase at the end of any Financial Year, books will be selected and purchased round the year.

9- The book/books given to a member for the purpose of reading in the reading in the reading room should not be taken out of the library. Book/books have to be returned to the library before leaving the reading room. Until this is done, the book takers will be responsible for those books. If a member considers it necessary to issue a book for his use outside the reading room, then he will be able to get it issued according to Rule 4(d).

10- The final salary of the Ministers/Members/Gazetted Officers and permanent employees will paid only after the receipt of the certificate with or without demand from the Bihar Legislative Library.

11- If a member is not able to come to the library on his own, then he/she will be able to get the books via the person authorized by him/her, but for this purpose he/she will have to give an authorization letter. Members will be responsible themselves for the safety and return of the books.

12- Any member who needs a book or other publication that has been given to another person, then they will be able to reserve it for themselves at the issue table /counter, and such book or publication will be given to the members on demand according to the sequence of demand.

13- Every three years, after the budget session, there will be stock taking of the books and books shall not be issued during that period.

14- The responsibility of protecting the books in the library will rest with the library staff.

Format of booklet for taking books from Bihar Legislative Library (Appendix – 1)