Welcome to Bihar Vidhan Mandal Library

1    Modes of Book Acquisition

(i) Purchase

The book list (Catalogue) is made available from time to time by various publishers. The said list is placed before the library Committee members for perusal. Books are selected in the light of the recommendation of the Committee and after the permission of the Honorable Speaker, the process of purchase is completed

(ii) As a gift

Books and other publications received from the Lok Sabha and other States of the country are also received free of charge on on a regular basis in the Bihar Legislature Library. Apart from this, books are also received as gifts from various institutions of Bihar state and personally from authors

(iii) Miscellaneous

2    Selection of Books

The Library Committee while selecting books, gives due consideration to the Member’s initiatives, past demands, changing social needs and anticipated demands for the books in the light of forthcoming national and local events and occurrences.

In the selection of books, as among various subjects, emphasis is given on subjects which have special significance for the Legislature Library. At the time of selection it is ensured that:

(a) The books selected area is of sufficient general interest and to be readable for a reasonable number of years to come; and

(b) There is demand from the Members of Legislative Assembly/Council for the type of books selected.