Welcome to Bihar Vidhan Mandal Library

This Committee advises the Speaker on library related subjects of the Legislature. This Committee recommends for creation of new libraries within the state, can examine the activities of the Government-funded/registered libraries in the state and can make recommendations in these libraries through a report to make them useful for the public of the state.

This Committee obtains information about libraries outside the State and recommends for up-gradation of Bihar Legislature Library and State Libraries and performs the functions assigned time to time by the House or by the Speaker.

The Library Committee is constituted every year by the Honorable Speaker. Members of the Legislative Council are also nominated to the Library Committee. The Committee currently has a total of nine (9) members, in which the number of members of the Legislative Assembly is five (5) and the number of members of the Legislative Council is four (4). The following members have been nominated for the year 2019-20.

    Legislative Assembly

1. Shri Jeetan Ram Manjhi, M.L.A. – Chairman

2. Shri Amarnath Gami, M.L.A. - Member

3. Shri Awadhesh Singh, M.L.A. - Member

4. Shri Shambhu Nath Yadav, M.L.A. - Member

5. Shri Rajeev Nandan, M.L.A. - Member

    Legislative Council

1. Dr. Ramvachan Rai, M.L.C. - Member

2. Shri Vijay Kumar Mishra, M.L.C. - Member

3. Shri Ramlakhan Ram ‘Raman’, M.L.C. - Member

4. Shri Ran Vijay Kumar Singh, M.L.C. - Member